Tanya Vassar, MS, CSCS, SCSC

FOR ATHLETES: A collegiate track and field Academic All-American, Tanya Vassar brings her educational background in exercise science, personal collegiate competition experience, and six years of college coaching directly to you! As a sports performance coach she specializes in movement mechanics, motivation, and teaching young athletes the essential “coachability” characteristics to succeed at the next level. No matter what your sport, Tanya can help you improve your athleticism and reach your athletic goals!

  • NCAA DI Track & Field Coach

  • NCAA DI Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • NCAA DI Recruiting Coordinator

  • 21 All-Americans

  • NCAA DII Men’s National Championship Title


FOR HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS: Tanya has spent her life optimizing health and performance not only for herself but also for her clients. With a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and a true passion for self-mastery, she TEACHES the techniques for continued success and life-style change to promote long-term health. Whether you want to make drastic health changes or just look good naked, Tanya can provide you the tools for success!