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Training Program Descriptions

Hustle Track Club:

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Track strength:

Our track strength training program is designed to increase the athlete’s explosiveness, triple extension mechanics, and prevent common injuries known to runners such as hamstring tears through the lengthening and strengthening of key muscles. This program compliments the Hustle Track Club training and is open to HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE-BOUND athletes.

Varsity Strength:

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Intro to Lifting:

This program is designed for beginners and aims to develop whole-body strength and power while learning how to navigate the weight room and lift with the correct form. After gaining confidence in the gym and within yourself you will be ready to advance to one of our sport-specific strength training programs.

Basketball SAQ + Strength:

Our basketball-specific training program combines the strength, speed, agility, and quickness necessary for success in basketball all in a single session. Each session has a different theme relevant to the sport. Lateral movement, linear movement, and vertical power/jumping are just a few examples of themes encompassed in this program.

Speed, agility & Quickness Enrollment:

These 50-minute training sessions will teach you how to position your feet and body to change direction safely and effectively, how to position your body to run faster, and how to combine multiple skills so you can apply them in your sports. Sessions are twice a week and designed to teach all the basic necessities throughout the course of a month.